Merdeka 2016 | #Sehati Sejiwa


If there’s one thing indisputable about Malaysians is that we really looooove our food. Let’s face it, we’re so #SehatiSejiwa about food that we can’t stop talking about it, all day all night, traditional kuihs included.

And with that comes the concept of this video for Glassfin’s #Merdeka 2016. Traditional kuihs that all Malaysians know and love. Kuihs that can make us salivate just by thinking about it. Kuihs that we might not know the name but who cares, they taste sooo good. Kuihs that are aplenty, we get confused trying to choose which ones to eat and we’ll just end up buying everything anyway. Kuihs that are a small (big, really) attribute, but are one of the things that make us Malaysians uniquely #SehatiSejiwa

Food or not, may we Malaysians always be united and #SehatiSejiwa through all the good times and the bad times. Let’s make Malaysia a better place, one that we build together and be proud of. Happy Merdeka everyone! #SayaAnakMalaysia


Behind the Scenes

We did a few rounds of Clay Model study to try out different combinations of colours and to get the best result.


After researching for the different kinds of traditional kuih – which we also learnt the proper names for them (so many kuihs, so many different names!) – we selected these 9 kuihs to feature in the #SehatiSejiwa video. No favouritism were taken place during the selection process.



Lighting Development



And here’s a short video of the Making of #SehatiSejiwa

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  • Designers: Shafiqah Bay, Kar Hang, Peter Meng
  • Music: – Funny Song