Experimental Reel

(making of video is at the end of the post)

For a little fun, this year we decided to make an experimental reel that is a little different than the ones we usually see in the market.

As a starter, we decided to incorporate things that usually happens in Glassfin. Characteristic of the people in the office were part of our idea, and since we usually discuss about random topics during our meal breaks, we also decided to use some of those.

Our final story board with descriptions on what is needed during the shoot.

As we didn’t know any actors to star in our video, we decided to find help (more to forcing them, hehe) within the office itself. Thankfully all of them were sporting enough to act (and some more willing than others to get a chance to be the star of the video).

Trying to figure out the best way to do our face mask as to not suffocate our actors.

Our main actress who loves nothing more than being in front of the camera.

While some of us were figuring out the costumes, how to make sure that the wig doesn’t fall off in the middle of the shoot and things like that, the others were asked to practice their movements since the director wanted to have insect like movements. Though it looks easy, we had a hard time trying to nail them down. There were also some tests to do especially on the hand paint reveal shot.



Production was a new experience for us since this was the first time that we were to handle everything on our own. Thankfully the guys from the Rental House were great and helped us out with our camera and lighting setups. Since everyone was multitasking, we were always reminding each other, making sure that everyone was doing what was needed and this is also when checklists come in handy ;)


While the camera and lights were setting up, costume preparations were underway.While the camera and lights were setting up, costume preparations were underway.



Alas, there was no group photo at the end of the day, but we had a blast making this video since it was something we’ve not done for a while. Everyone gave their best and it was a great team effort from everyone in Glassfin.

Check out the making of the video too!

Music: The Fratellis – For the Girl

  • Categories: Featured / Playground
  • Music: Battles - Atlas
  • Director: Mafex Tay
  • DOP: Bryan Ngooi
  • Costume & Props: Mafex Tay, Molek Kasa, Phoa Mui Kim, Shafiqah Bay
  • Talents: Shafiqah Bay, Phoa Mui Kim, Mafex Tay, Molek Kasa
  • Lighting & Camera: The Rental House
  • Executive Producer: Sivagamy Jeeva
  • Producer: Phoa Mui Kim
  • Offline Editor: Phoa Mui Kim & Molek Kasa
  • Graphic Designers: Mafex Tay, Bryan Ngooi, Shafiqah Bay, Molek Kasa
  • Online Editors: Molek Kasa, Mafex Tay, Bryan Ngooi, Shafiqah Bay