Malaysia Coca-Cola Collectors Fair 2016

We collaborated with Malaysia Coca-Cola Collector Club (MCCC) once again to produce an event promo video for the Malaysia 6th Annual Coca-Cola Collectors Fair.
To celebrate Coca-Cola Malaysia’s 80th years anniversary and Coca-cola Worldwide’s 130th anniversary, we came up with an idea of showing familiar scenes within Kuala Lumpur with Coca-Cola contour bottle characters running around them. We wanted to show that Coca-Cola is so well integrated with the local scene that it is now a norm to find Coca-Cola anywhere within the city.
After coming up with a few concepts, we decidedly chose to do time lapse on videos. As we see the Coca-Cola contour bottles running through the streets of KL, we also see them running towards Times Square where the event is being held. The Coca-Cola bottle characters are actually representatives of the Coca-Cola collectors who come from around the world to participate in the event.|| Video Production:
|| Collaborated with Malaysia Coca-Cola Collector Cub (MCCC)
|| Music: Coca Cola Malaysia
|| Sound effect: Canang Studio
This is PURELY a NON-PROFIT VIDEO for the event.

Glassfin_Coke2016_Develop Character development from 2D to 3D.

Glassfin_Coke2016_Characters Design elements for the spot.

Glassfin_Coke2016_Breakdown Development of the final look.

Glassfin_Coke2016_bts Behind the scenes.

Glassfin_Coke2016_Event Actual event day.

  • Categories: Featured / Playground
  • Creative Director: Mafex Tay
  • Motion Designers: Shafiqah Bay, Goh Kar Hang, Peter Meng
  • Colourist: Bryan Ngooi
  • Offline Editor: Colin Lim
  • Online Artist: Molek Kasa
  • On Shoot: Bryan Ngooi, Goh Kar Hang, Peter Meng