About our company

“We believe in dreams and imagination.”

With this common view, a group of creative professionals decided to collaborate and subsequently gave birth to Glassfin in July of 2012.

While Glassfin is still a toddler in the advertising industry, the team assembled is highly experienced and well versed with the creative world of post-production, specializing in visual effects and motion design.

We succeed as an inclusive family of professionals, associates and clients working together, being passionate about quality and our clients’ goals, needs and expectations.

“Passionate, energetic, creative & fun-loving people.”

In the existing over-saturated marketplace, Glassfin strives to be different in its outlook towards its craftsmen, the people behind the results. We believe it shows in our work. We take pride in encouraging and fostering a creative environment that both allows and encourages people to be passionate about what they do and to share and contribute with ideas, concepts and opinions, be it of work or more personal nature.

We aspire and expect our people to continuously evolve in parallel with the ever-changing market trends, likes and preferences and the corresponding technological advances. We therefore make sure that as a part of our team, individuals can further develop their strengths, cultivating old and learning new skills.

Change happens, whether we like it or not. In this we strive to be a leader in the market, not only to follow. We keep challenging our thinking and embrace up-to-date technologies and market trends. While seizing on existing opportunities, we also want to create new ones. Having fun while doing so, where possible.

Glassfin offers the following expertise:
Idea & Concept
Storyboarding & Styleframes
Design & Animation (3D / 2D)
VFX Compositing
Basic Colour Grading & Finishing

Meet the Team

Sivagamy Jeeva Exec. Producer

Phoa Mui Kim Producer

Molek Kasa Online Artist

mafex Tay Motiongrapher

Bryan Ngooi Motiongrapher

Shafiqah Bay Motiongrapher

Zainuddin "Go to" Guy