OCBC | Banking Hoops


OCBC Malaysia has come out with a new product ‘OCBC 360° Account’ that offers a maximum of 4.10% P.A. interest with ease.

In this spot we see a customer performing multiple extreme feats to impress the bank managers in the hopes of getting a better savings rate. With OCBC no extreme feats are needed, you can earn a higher interest by just a click on the computer at home.

After the job brief from the agency, we then proceeded with the story board based on the story given.

“The video starts with a customer walking into a bank. The moment he steps in he starts performing a number of tricks – backflips, walking the tighrope, jumping through hoops. On the sidelines, the bank managers hold up score cards for the now exhausted customer.

We now see the man in front of a laptop, he clicks, sits back, relaxed and happy. On his screen we see the OCBC banking screen and a glimpse of  “4.5%”.”

Glassfin_OCBC_BH_01The full visualized storyboard.

Glassfin_OCBC_BH_06Final design based on the full storyboard.


Glassfin_OCBC_BH_02We started with the most important element in the story – the main character.

Glassfin_OCBC_BH_03Character design development based on actual OCBC bank staff.


Glassfin_OCBC_BH_05Styleframe development from colour to environment design.


  • Categories: Digital
  • Client: OCBC
  • Agency: McCann Erickson (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Head of AV: Pauline Moreira
  • Creative Director: Teck Yew
  • Executive Producer: Sivagamy Jeeva
  • Designer: Shafiqah Bay