Observe, See More

Everyone has opinions on which is better; traditional artists or digital designers.
Even those who are in the field can’t stop but to compare.
This animation is to encourage people to observe and see more on the effort behind every single piece of artwork created – digitally and traditionally.
No matter if it’s traditional art or digital art, both are design pieces where each artists have poured their hearts into.
So please let’s just stop comparing but start to respect both fields and mix and match to create great masterpieces.

glassfin_observe_01development Sketches and digital painting.

glassfin_observe_02colortryout To create something different by combining Illustration and 3D Modelling.

glassfin_observe_03finalcolor Final Colour & Styling Development

glassfin_observe_modelling 3D Modelling Progress

Glassfin Logo & Character Reel

The Making of

glassfin_observe_styleframe07 Final styleframe

  • Categories: Playground
  • Designer: Goh Kar Hang