Malaysia Coca-Cola Collectors Fair 2014

In conjunction with the Malaysia Heritage Coke 2014 event on the 10th of May 2014, we were given yet again another gracious opportunity to create a fun & psychedelic promo video for this event.

This time we decided to feature glass and aluminum bottles from 1899 to 2007 in a very colorful, engaging and psychedelic context.

We have edited the animation towards the Coca Cola music piece “The World Is Ours” for Malaysia, which was provided to us by the organisers.

Our gratitude to the Event organisers for yet again another great opportunity.

*This video animation belongs to

|| Video Produced by
|| Music by Coca Cola Malaysia
|| Collaboration with MCCC Organizer


As for the environment, we decided to give it a Malaysian theme which can be distinguished in its patterns. Since this time, there are many fans from around the world, we have also created various backdrops and patterns to represent each country participant as our way of saying thank you.

We’ve also dwelt with a psychedlic theme and kaleidoscope effect to entice viewers. With vibrant colours and interesting patterns, the video manages to bring the audience in; always something new to see with each video play.


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